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I am so brain dead today. It seems to be worse now that I have a slight headache...
I'm still chucking along with work and there's still a dinner date with some Ozzie friends later. Honestly, all I want to do is have a good sleep! On the nice note, hopefully I'll finally get the Sandalwood Oil from Oz.

Lunch today was really nice. Had some Turkish Kebabs with hot Apple Tea. It truly reminded me of last year's trip to Turkey. Tea is such an enjoyable item... I recalled having lots more of it in Perth. Somehow, that tradition of daily tea died off back in Singapore. It's either the poor tea grade or the pure laziness of not wanting to boil water? I've decided that I will look into purchasing some good quality fruit tea, simply for my enjoyment :)

I've got a brand new Black and Decker Cordless 9.6V vacuum cleaner yesterday! I briefly tested it's suction power and was quite blown away!
On yet another joyful note... I've completed SCRUBS season 2! It was great!

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