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The YahooGeocities server (the cheapo, but convenient solution to putting personal webpages) seems to be acting up these couple of days. Pages aren't loading up accurately, with missing pictures and unloadable pages. Makes the website appear really bad - like it's the developer's fault. This really spurs me to host the website personally... but then there are heaps of other issues to iron out. Hopefully, it comes with a different design? That's somewhere in the pipeline. So for the time being... I'll have to live with crap filled with and high bandwidth problems.

"Ghost" was screened last night on TV. Recalled watching it way back in the cinemas...was it 9 years ago? I've actually forgotten much of the storyline, except for familiar acts like The Everly Brother's "Oh My Love..." pottery scene. I was honestly laughing away at Whoopi's jokes! I thought I remembered the film as a romantic love story... I'm now changing it to comedy!

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