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This Monday is getting off to a rather slow start. I'll be in gear when the engine warms up a little.

Can't believe that Chip and Reichen won the Amazing Race! They are certainly not the most charming team... and their attitude sucked... okie - maybe I'm not entirely in favour that the champion title went to the "gay" team... In my opinion, wining for them was of utmost important; cause besides the million dollars, they really wanted to prove a stand for what they are. Chip said in a Q&A : "To present a new type of gay relationship to the viewing audience and win." May I ask : What "new" type of gay relationship???

Derek has the most serve stomach upset after returning from Indonesia. His stool is leaf green! It's a rather serious bacterial infection and he won't be on solid food for a while. Since his rest and medication over the weekend, he seems to be on track to recovery.

A shocking turn of events - from Miran's birthday party to her maternal grandma's funeral! Life is so drama. Yen and I attended the wake last night and she seems to be holding on rather well. The more drama bit is that Miran's mom is hospitalised for suspected dengue fever, and was not told of the funeral! Miran will break the news to her on Tuesday! This really reminds me of my beloved grandma's passing 4 years back. The family kept it from me as I was preparing for my 1st final assessment in Oz, until Fiona had break the news. Remembered I cried like shit! Somehow the event stuck close to my mind, and I was so blessed with friends around who helped me arrange for plane tickets, pack, mange my presentation and send me to the airport. My grandma never got to eat the abalones I personally caught :(

I've finished scanning the Europe pictures... so I'm crossing my fingers that the pictures can be online within the week! Stay tuned!

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