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I don’t get to sleep in very much, so I enjoyed every little bit this morning!
Miran’s birthday celebration was somewhere in Emerald Hill. The pub with many red lanterns… we didn’t really stay long (nothing too much was happening) and proceeded for some non-alcoholic beverages at Bakers-Inn. Miran, however loved our present - Estee Lauder’s Pleasures Intense. I liked the scent too (light, no-frills floral and elegant) and it’s nice to know you’ve got the right gift. We ended up talking about the most bizarre personal things at the pub; thought one of the guys next me was to trying to eavesdrop. It amazes me the range of topics we can cover – from school days, to boobs, to politics!

We ended unusually early, but Lis and I missed the last bus by an inch! Of cause we didn’t know that until ½ hour later… so we sat at the bus-stop and yakked. I really enjoy those twilight moments with Lis…

Will be catching lunch and watching the “Amazing Race’s” last episode with Charles and Derek later. I’m so excited to know who won! Nobody tells me – or they die a horrible death! Ooops – shouldn’t curse!

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