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Today will mark astronomy history when the planet Mars, will be roughly 55,758,006 kilometers from Earth. The Mars Opposition 2003 event marks Mars' closest distance to us in 60,000 years! The 2003 record for closeness won't be broken again until August 29, 2287. I'm no astronomer, but I'm certain intrigued with the 'perihelion' (when Mars will be very near to the closest point to the Sun) moment. The Red Planet will be shining at it's brightest, -2.9 and will be bigger then Jupiter and outshone only by the Moon and Venus.

I believe the world will be looking to the skies tonight, with this same blanket of sky covering all human race. Will aliens from Mar be peeking back at us?

Sky watching had always been a pastimes I never took up. Even thought I will invest in a telescope for my future kids :) . Just for the record, I won't be missing this event myself tonight!

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