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Well, it could have been longer... who's complaining?

The Festival of Lights. I've always liked taking a trip down Little India to soak in the festive lightings and decorations. Maybe at the same time, pick up some coloured bangles or a sari... but the thought of sardine proximity to thousands and thousands of the "I" race just makes me loose the enthusiasm. So Deepavali turned out to be just another public holiday. When I was younger, I would visit Uncle Naidu (my mom's ex-colleague), but I was somewhat recuperating for the gals party on Saturday and even refused to be on antibiotics. So I stayed home to get some rest and played HALO the entire day! That game is rather awesome!

The Great Robinsons Sale
Aipei and I decided to hit the Expo for a little shopping. I mean - everyone is talking about the sale! So we left the boys to fix computers while we checked out good bargains. I got a good deal on a 280 thread quilt cover and bed sheet set for only $49 bucks! Bought a Noah's Ark painting frame kit for Chyann and a couple of undies.

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