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It's the freakiest day in the year where ghosts and ghouls roam the world! I put on my devil horns this morning and offered everyone in the office "Gifts from the Underworld!". Eat my gummies and you'll be evil for the rest of the day!

Well, Halloween arrived with little anticipation and bang... I didn't even put up the pumpkin and bats deco on the main gate. The eloping wedding skeletons are on the front door though...

Charles had bought tickets to Sentosa's 'The House on the Hill' event... it sounds rather interesting -

"The Haunted Bus trundles through the darkness
and drops you off at the forecourt of an old colonial building.
Writhing ghouls, werewolves and vampires surround you
as you reach for a Bloody Mary.
In the woods, dark forms beckon as chilling cries ricochet off the trees.

Phantom shapes invite you
to explore the inner rooms of The House on the Hill.

Welcome to Sentosa’s Hell’O’Ween Party…"

The dress code theme is "Dress to Kill". The least I will have is my devil's outfit... but this year I want to be an Angel! I don't have wings to fly...

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