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I can vaguely recall my last netball game way back in 1993. If my memory served me well, I probably never laid hands on a netball since then.

Amusingly (more then 10 years later), I was called upon to participate in a netball friendly for my company's family day. I wasn't thinking much about the 10 min half court game. Assumed it was fairly chicken feet.

So we had our 1st unofficial netball practice game at Kallang's Netball Complex, where we were badly trashed by CSU's team. Winning 1 game out of 4 and I was dead tired towards the end. I mean, gals like Eunice, Angie, Honey and Yashida were pure excellent! Captain Kathy and myself have destined that they should be the winning champion, but we'll still put up a brave fight on the big day!

Two days in a roll of kick ass punching in Body Combat and Netball wore my body down. I was honestly burnt.

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