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Garden, originally uploaded by natashayong.

I drew this inspirational piece for Sr. Jocelyn from the Daughters of St. Paul as part of a calendar page spread together with the gals from the "Journey Within Prayer" session. The 4 of us: Wendy, Jo and Sharon had to draw 2 months each, out of the 9 months that Sr. Jo will be away. I can't really recall, but I think she's there to do her studies in preparation for her final professional vows.
It was good fun putting the cal together , ordered KFC for dinner and lots of laugh. Wendy will be couriering the package when it's finally binded. It's gonna be pretty heavy... it was quite unfortunate I had to rush back before all the finishing touches were in place; but I'm pretty certain it will be neat :)


  1. Yup! 2 of my girlfriends exclaimed it's so sweet and heartwarming! (They were with me when I sent it for binding and colour copy a set).

  2. nice work ... i love the commentary on the picture .. do u know it can actually be sang as a song ? Elena


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