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I will be smiling to a whiter set of teeth! **BIG GRIN**

Started using my NiteWhite Teeth Whitening Kit (retailing at SGD$200) since I took it back from the dentist 2-3 months back. I'm using the same tray I molded 3 years back. It's still a good fit. On the natural teeth colour scale, I am already on grade 1 or 2; the whitest on the chart. Just like you can't complain about smoother complexion, you can't reject whiter teeth.

According to the dentist, this is the brand used in the ABC series 'Extreme Makeover'. In comparison to my previous brand, Opalescence; NiteWhite showed whiter results on 1st use. The Carbamide Peroxide content is higher at 22% with a wear time of 1 hour. It causes very little teeth sensitivity and irritation. A far better and improved product.

I'll be staying off coffee and coke for a while now...


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