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After a month long wait, I finally got my appointment with a highly recommended dermatologist. I've never been a person who's obsessed with porcelain smooth skin and it has never really occurred to me to visit a dermatologist.

About less then 2 years back, in my most dramatic bike accident (by far); I suffered a scar patch on my left knee. It is what I like to call my "Battle Scar" and it gives me a lot of character. I like scars with one hell of a story to tell and this one will probably go down in history with me. But it is also this scar that triggered my interest to see a dermatologist as my skin heals with a keloid condition. Although many have told me how unnoticeable the mark is, I thought improving the healing process further will be a good move.

This dermatologist runs a clinic in Tampines during the week except Tuesdays, where she does a round at another clinic in Orchard. I've been hearing rave reviews on her products and treatment. At the Tampines branch, you'd be in a queue number for as long as 3 hours! I was glad to pay double the consultation fee for an appointment time and convenience of the city location. I can't quite imagine what sort of skin problems so many people really have. In fact, those few who introduced me to pay her a visit have far better complexion then I.

It was funny how the doctor started off the conversation:
"So what brings you here today... what are you not happy with about your skin...". Then she put one of those magnifying mirrors towards you.
It kind of tickled me into the tag line of what Miami plastic surgeons, Sean McNamara and Christian Troy would say in 'Nip Tuck'; "So tell me what you don't like about yourself..."
I went like, "It's not that I'm not happy... but I have this scar..." and I pulled up my pants to show her my knee. I felt like I kind of contradicted myself a little.
It was then she sort of raised her brows to have a deeper look into the condition. I figured for a moment she thought I was just another one of those young ladies who just can't be satisfied enough.

She took some time to carefully explain to me which scars have a good chance of improvement and its expectations. Also on how laser in my situation may not necessary give good results as the skin tissues have already developed. Since it took me so many weeks to step into the consultation room, I figured I will get her to look into my face and the eczema on my back and chest. I am prone to rash outbreaks. When it comes to good skin... I ain't one of those lucky few.

I was prescribed with 2 bags of external treatment medication. A bag for the leg and another for the face and back. The nurse was kind enough to label which application came after which. There were Skin Fading Cream, Cell Regenerating Cream, Eczema Cream, Pimple Cream, Scrub Cream, Toner, Moisturiser... it cost me a total of SGD$184.50! I'm starting to understand how much beauty money there is to profit.

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