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The days leading up to Chinese New Year is in itself an experience. The dreaded spring cleaning, the new year decorations and an annual trip down to Chinatown where the festive bazaar packed in sardine loads of crowd. It didn't help that there was also a Lion Dance Festival event happening. A good stretch of Eu Tong Seng street was cordoned off to set up a stage and firecrackers display. In a way, I was very thankful to be tucked away at the Peoples' Park Food Centre enjoying my pork porridge and Yu Sheng.

The road closure made walking along the traffic-less street very enjoyable. We took our time to enjoy the Mickey Mouse themed decorations and cool breeze. I'm still scratching my head what business the Winnie The Pooh gang have being part of the deco. These Disney characters might be props taken from previous years of lantern display at the Chinese Garden.

I was walking the streets with a mission to purchase my Happy Plant - the "Huang Jin Guo" or "Golden Fruit". After 2 to 3 crowded streets of similar festive nick necks, we decided to abandon the mission for supper at The Cheese Prata Shop. I was happy to chill with a hot cup of Teh Halia.


  1. I miss going to Chinatown and taking shots like these! :-P Did that last year and the year before that.. *sniff*


  2. There will always be next year and the year after that... and the year after that...


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