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Wii Guitar Hero III Opening 02032008b
Presenting the Wii Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Opening Ceremony

It's a birthday present arrived way too early, but I'm certainly not complaining.
I'm on my way to becoming a Guitar Hero III Rock Star! Made possible by 5 truly awesome people! **HUGZ** You guys are the best!

Some kids have the coolest toys... and I'm that kid!
But cool toys are best played with great friends... and I'm blessed with so many!

What's In the Box:
Wii-Guitar-Hero-III-Wii Bundle
This is one game you really want to play on the guitar peripheral. It just wouldn't feel the same using a traditional controller. And for that Battle mode - you'd wish you have not 1, but 2 guitars! Nothing beats jolting that Whammy Stick for that pull music note! For now, the 2nd Wiimote will stand in fine.

The disc features 71 playable songs - 40 are "main setlist" songs, 6 are exclusive to co-op career mode, and the remaining 25 are "bonus tracks". In total, 51 (or over 70%) of the game's songs are master recordings (the highest total of any Guitar Hero release).

Of the 25 "bonus tracks" we had already bought 4 from our earnings of over $2,000 in the Wenrythmics Band (or what Dennis calls "We Don't Mix"!?!?).

Wii Guitar Hero III Opening 02032008 07
Opening the box set for the first time

Wii Guitar Hero III Opening 02032008 09
Some crazy hardcore Rock Stickers to jazz up the guitar's face plate

The white face plate is also inter-changeable to fit any rock persona!
The guitar neck is detachable (great for carrying around) and gives a good snap for the lock on to the body.

Wii Guitar Hero III Opening 02032008 18
The wireless Wiimote Controller fits nicely into a slot hole of the guitar

The Wii version will be the only Guitar Hero game that will feature force-feedback thanks to the rumble in the controller, and believe it or not, in our hands-on, you really could feel the guitar shake to the beat when you rocked out with Star Power, as well as "buzz" when crazy effects are going on in the game.

In addition, the Wiimote speaker is used for the game's "squelch" and tells you which player is the one that's screwing up the notes!

Wii Guitar Hero III Opening 02032008 20
Christianing my guitar with my first Rock No. Foghat's Slow Ride

By the end of the night, the song was literally stuck to our heads! Except for maybe Sharon, who had to leave the room after a couple of tracks to ease her ears!

The boys were so good they had an Encore Performance and bonus a Beastie Boys track!

We all had so much fun we skipped dinner!
But not before we headed out for supper at the Railway Station, we had discovered how to
* hook up the Wiimote as a 2nd guitar
* use the Whammy
* activate the Star Power
* make money for the band
* buy new songs

Despite the fact that I have a cool toy, what I really treasure most is the fun we all had playing with it.
All the laughter and joy that I'm so blessed with because God put you into my life.
In so many ways, I cannot be more thankful.

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  1. sigh... it's Wei Sian and not Dennis who said "We Don't Mix."

  2. stuff :) too bad I sold off the wii already. but PS3 also have guitar hero :)

  3. Wei Sian said that? I wasn't quite listening... too engrossed catching the notes. Wei Sian got sense of humour...

  4. Dude... worst case scenario we can always play at the Sony Gallery. But would have been cool to have a challenge via wifi!

  5. Ooi! "who had to leave the room after a couple of tracks to ease her ears!" Not totally true leh. There were times I had to leave the room to answer phone calls.

  6. Hey Nat,

    This is a nice Wii Guitar Hero III...
    Wahaha.. bring it to the WYD08 and go rocking and jamming with all youths in Sydney.

    Fm Jo ;o)

  7. Ermmm... not quite a real guitar... there are no guitar strings for plucking...

  8. Cool! :) Haha u are on ur way to joining a proper band! :)

  9. LOL! I am quite musically un-inclined. I am however an aspiring egg-shaker!

  10. how much at singapore

  11. Best Girl - Probably about SGD$120. Don't really know cause it was a gift.


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