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As much as I am enjoying all the sword fighting action at fencing, a certain part of me want to start swinging the golf club again. I'd love to take up intermediate golfing lessons and hit the greens a little more... but cash to squander is not on my side these days. I'm still putting furniture into the room and the budget has already gone through the roof. Golfing (especially in SG) remain a rich man's sport.

The next best thing to do is pick up a copy of EA Sports' 'Tiger Woods PGA 07'. I managed to source a 2nd hand (virtually new) copy at only SGD$15. The title may be released last year, but reviews have stated that the 08' release didn't have that many break throughs. 'Tiger Woods PGA 07' for the Wii was also the 1st release of the series using the motion sensor Wiimote Control, bringing the game play to a whole new level. For me, I'm just happy to get some swing back into my life!

'Tiger Woods PGA 07' video review

And just for laughs; the so called glitch on 'Tiger Woods 08', where Tiger takes a shot standing on water? Well now you can see it for real! EA, in response to the viral video, created an official 'Tiger Woods PGA 09' trailer called Walk on Water! LOL!

Check out Tiger in action. He is that good!

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