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One of Happybutt and Racoon's first LP.
My Grandfather's Clock - Happybutt did a wonderful job on the violin and I'm just the jumpy maracas shaker!

Daydream Believer by Racoon & the Quarts


  1. that guy did a great job in his Zelda video..i love it!!! u guys seem to be having lotsa fun Wii-music-merriment!

    like my Bunnatz msg i send to u? it was me!! sounds strange having an ang moh voice speaking Japanese..i duno how to sample the msg i just tikam on the voices..i wish there's a cute female Japanese voice then it fits better

  2. I see... so that bunch of gibberish was sent by you! LOL!!! The female voice quite cute. I decided to record the message. Will upload the video later for you hear what it sounds like ;)


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