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Chatter Box Chicken Rice 08

Chatterbox Chicken Rice at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore goes way back all the way to the 60s era of good ole' Singapore local delights. It's been a loooooong time since I last had their atas 'famous' chicken rice. I recalled it being SGD$17. Then 3x the best plate of Boon Tong Kee chicken rice. I never picked up the courage or reason to visit again, simply cause I know I can get far greater tasting chicken rice somewhere else. The experience of Chatterbox Chicken Rice quickly faded.

Chatter Box Chicken Rice 07
At SGD$25 per serving - in my opinion the most ridiculously over-priced Hainanese Chicken Rice! I felt bad eating it.

I still cannot comprehend the insane price tag. More so I cannot understand why we had cabbage soup instead of the chicken stock soup. It felt kindda wrong.

Chatter Box Chicken Rice 02
Even the Hokkien Mee went at SGD$24!

Chatter Box Chicken Rice 04
In Ming's opinon, it was very average

And in closing... Chin Chow was SGD$8 a glass! INSANE!!! Find an excusable occasion, experience at least once... to pay exorbitantly for over-priced chicken rice. I think it will take years again before I will dare attempt another similar Chicken Rice feat. Hey Wendy, thanks for this crazy Chicken Rice experience!


  1. $25 for a plate of chicken rice 0-0
    that really is an experience ah

  2. oh, just read ur link on the moshi alarm cool!!! how's it? if u change ur voice how - the alarm clock still recognises that u're its owner?

    i would prefer if it's "cute" but i'm very impressed that they mix this cool voice-thingy-feature with a practical yet stylomylo design

  3. Eh I dunno man... never thought about the change voice bit... but I dun think it'll affect.

    I already have something cute - my Bunnatz -

    I kindda need a "real" clock. To see time...


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