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With the lead from "Monster's Inc." Sullivan and Mike

I've been an animation fan all my life. Everything from Disney to Looney Tunes to the Muppets. They were an integral part of my childhood and a major source to things I deem creative and humorous. Then came the emergence of 3D animation. It all started out with the good ole flying 3D Logos! But the the moment "Toy Story" by Pixar was release in 1995, I was a FAN. I was doing my 3D animation major then and that film seriously sealed the mark on 3D character animation.

While to know how much of a fan I am... I have quite a number of "Toy Story" merchandise and toys. I have the "Toy Story" DVD Box Set, T-shirts, bedsheets, crayons, notepads, straws, numerous Mr. Potato Heads, Slinky Dog and the original Buzz Lightyear.

In the years that follow, the Pixar team continuously produced top notched animated films with great plots and awesome characters. In fact, if you look around my room; you'd find a little something of the other films... "A Bug's Life" Dot figurine, a Nemo cushion, a Violet Incredibles T-shirt, a U-Command Wall-E Remote Control Toy.

Pixar: 20 Years of Animation at the Singapore Science Centre

After 20 years, Pixar decides to produce a traveling exhibition entitled 'Pixar: 20 Years of Animation' which takes one behind the scenes of the cutting-edge studio. The exhibition features over 300 sketches, paintings, sculptures and storyboards, going behind the scenes to reveal how Pixar’s much-loved characters and worlds are brought to life. In addition to these one-of-a-kind works by artists and sculptors, the exhibition includes spectacular immersive environments and interactive experiences developed by Pixar to
extend the magic of their films.

The Production Pipeline diagram

More importantly, we take a peek through the thought process of the creative team. Where they get their inspiration and how they develop their craft. To produce Pixar's 4th feature length film "Finding Nemo", the creative team spent 3 years diving to better understand the movement of our underwater creatures and their environment.

There were many gems at the exhibition which included;
1) Sitting through John Lasseter's first few animation shorts

2) The "Tin Toy" Baby clay model head and hand

3) The Toy Story 3D Zoetrope. This one alone is worth the ticket price for the exhibition!

4) Original artwork;

4a) Drawings for "For the Birds" animation short

4b) Drawings for "A Bug's Life"

4c) Drawings for "Toy Story"

4d) Drawings for "Ratatouille"

5) Watching "Toy Story" in 3D. I never fail to crack up at the Slinky Dog rescue scene!

The Takashima merchandise corner was a real let down. We did however pick up two goofy souvenir photos of ourselves for keepsake

Now in anticipation of "Toy Story 3" scheduled to be released in June 2010.
Counting down...

Toy Story 3: Spanish Buzz dances with Jessie
Toy Story 3D
The TOYS Will Be BACK!
Toy Story's Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

More Pixar: 20 Years of Animation Exhibition Pictures


  1. been waiting a loooooooong time for this entry XD!!!!!

  2. Did you know I went for the exhibition? I've been behind my posts lately. Too many activities, too little time... so I'm playing a little catch up now. Check back again.

  3. i noe u sure go for the exhibition X3 sure, will check back, keep those entries comin' when u've got the time :3 !!

  4. LOL!!! I am so predictable... but yar... I have a soft spot for Toy Story...


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