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Nothing... honestly nothing... (as far as I have experienced) can be worse than starting off the New Year down with the flu bug! Sore body aches... disgusting amount of phlegm from the lungs... uncontrollable coughing throughout the night... On contrary from what many may have commented that my 'wild' New Year celebration caused my down fall, I beg to differ that ushering in 2010 / 2011 was decent and mild. I had probably 2 glasses of beer (the entire night!) and made it a point to return home 'early' due to my cousin's wedding on New Year's Day itself!

The wedding on New Year's Day was all good. I was out and about, not in tip top condition but well enough to help out where needed during the course of the wedding. By the time the Chinese dinner was over, I returned home immediately to pop 2 Panadols and hit the sack. I felt something was brewing... the usual cold shiver and extreme tiredness.

The following day was a Sunday (2nd day of New Year) and I awoke to find myself immobile. It was the serious case of fever and lost of appetite. I was popping the pill every 3 hours (enough not to get an overdose) and slept the day away, missing Mass and the start of the new work year!

Big Mistake #1, I allowed the neighborhood doctor to prescribe me with a course of antibiotics (Moxicillin) that I know DO NOT WORK on me! I usually dictate what meds work... perhaps the fever had fried my brain the day before. Big Mistake #2, that crappy doctor prescribed me with no cough mixture!

So for the next five days, I suffered with increased phlegm and constant coughing. It was real bad. After the course of Moxicillin (Big Mistake #3, should have stopped the antibiotics that didn't work sooner), I visited my regular doctor and he prescribed me with another strain of antibiotics, Ciprofloxacin. Damn those medical names! It was another 5 days course...

It was the most intoxicating start to the New Year. After the course of the 2nd antibiotics, I had to make a 3rd trip to the doctor for the a constant flow of mucus from my nose back to my throat. Causing the occasional irritation. Guess what... even MORE meds!

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