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In 2010, both events for Anime Festival Asia (AFA) and Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) fell just weeks apart from each other. I'd like to think that there are distinct focuses presented for the exhibits and showcases; AFA targeted toward Japanese Pop Culture & Anime and STGCC targeted at American Comics and Hobbyist / Collector Toys. STGCC is the closest thing we have to New York's Comic Con (NYCC). Despite their intended differences, there were way too many overlaps in both events that watered down each event's impact, causing one to compare. Retailers for toys and Cosplayers were at both events! It kindda made you wonder "Why the hell did I have to pay two entrance fees to see the same stuff!"

All that being said, I have to give credit to the STGCC team for a better, more entertaining program lineup. Last year's showcase felt like a mega toy expo. Fun, but nothing educational. This year, a whole bunch of International (Giuseppe Camuncoli, comic book illustrator of Dark Wolverine, Hellblazer and The Incredible Hulk; Ivan Brandon, writer for Marvel Comics; Salvador Larroca, comic book illustrator for Fantastic Four, The Invincible Iron Man and X-Men; and David Lloyd, writer-artist for Aliens, Kickback and V for Vendetta) and Asian (Koto Nishiyama and Shinichiro Kitai, creators of DevilBots and To-Fu Oyako and Tan Eng Huat, artist for DC and Marvel Comics; his works include The Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, The Punisher, Batman and Thor) comic artists were invited to give talks on various related topics. Conference venues were setup in various rooms around Suntec City throughout the 3 days. For the same day ticket price, you could attend any no. of talks within the day.

I only managed to find time to make it down to the event on the second day. And it was only then that I realized the bunch of interesting talks presented. A few I really don't mind attending related to Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), I had already missed on Saturaday morning.

I did however manage to squeeze in time to attend a Spotlight Session with David Lloyd; creator of V for Vendetta

It was an in-conversation styled session to get to know the artist and his works

Wendy and I are great fans of V and we couldn't miss out on the opportunity to catch the creator. Lloyd shared in depth about his influences in the usage of light and shadow for V for Vendetta. His techniques came from Tony Weir and Rembrandt! He also talked about the Kickback crime stories following the success of Sin City and Stray Bullets. Lloyd is an evangelist to the craft in comics and truly inspirational.

Autograph session with David Lloyd. Insanely long queue. Thank goodness I got my one-on-one picture with him at the Spotlight Session

Another act that caught our attention at the main stage was Reel to Real: Hollywood Action "Live!"

Presented by Team J Phillips (Hollywood's leading martial arts group) and led by Telly Award winner, producer and action director Jennifer Phillips. Team J Phillips has made a significant impact in the motion picture, independent film, television, commercial, sports and "live" stage entertainment circuit.

Matt Enig, Nikki Stanley, Sammy Vasquez and Daniel Graham kicks-ass on stage! Having won prestigious tournaments all around the world, all the members of Team Phillips are renowned and respected martial artistes in their own right.

Other artists spotted:

Left:Italian artist Simone Legno, behind the highly popular tokidoki brand. I picked up a uber cute tokidoki singlet while walking around the exhibits! I got a pic with him at 2008's STGCC.
Right: Filipino comic book illustrator, Harvey Tolibao. Works include Starwars: KOTR , Avengers Initiative, Darkhawk , Psylocke , XMen Hellbound: Second Coming

Phil Yeh, Cartoonist of the Winged Tiger (left) and Phil Ortiz, Cartoonist of The Simpsons (right)

That's me with The Simpsons family

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