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Oscar Ballot 2011b
This year's 10 Oscar nominated films were a mixed bag of worthy films and a couple of "are you kidding me... how did this movie reach Best Picture" films. Judging from the nominated list ("Black Swan", "The Fighter", "Inception", "The Kids Are All Right", "The King's Speech", "127 Hours", "The Social Network", "Toy Story 3", "True Grit" and "Winter's Bone") it felt like Hollywood wanted to showcase a variety of film genres, presenting itself as versatile and up to date!

I've grew up knowing Oscar films to wow! More so... these films had characters that will live with us forever, and a storyline that transcend boundaries and languages. They told a story that everyone could relate to. There were only a few films this year that did that.

There have been a lot of buzz for the Best Picture fight between "The King's Speech" and "The Social Network". Though the geeky side of me loved the Mark Zuckerberg story of Facebook, I still do not find the film Oscar worthy enough. It wasn't until I watched "The King's Speech" last Friday that made me feel right. I'm being very bias, but my true favourite is actually "Toy Story 3", which I am almost certain will take victory for Best Animated Film.

I'm voting for 22 out of the 24 categories. Though the shorts categories are pure guesses.

To the Oscars! May the best film wins!

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