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We celebrated the 54th World Communications Day on 24 May, where as Church we are asked to re-look into the various media we consume and how we are using our communication tools to share about our Lord Jesus.

World Communications Day 2020 is dedicated to the Encounter in Storytelling. With the theme being “That you may tell your children and grandchildren” (Ex 10:2) - Life becomes history.

“May this event encourage us to tell and share constructive stories that help us to understand that we are all part of a story that is larger than ourselves, and can look forward to the future with hope if we truly care for one another as brothers and sisters.” - Pope Francis

The theme of storytelling is such as relatable topic. Everyone loves a good story.

Stories have a way of transcending time and delivering the message across in both an emotional and concrete way. Stories are universal, embedded in our human DNA as individually we seek for adventure, suspense, something magical, a reflection of life, and above all, love.

Perhaps through my love for literature, I appreciate the multifaceted, multi-dimensions in the development and study of characters.

This theme came at a time where I am still uncovering my learning in The Great Adventure Bible Timeline. The Bible, being the most read, translated and sold book ever, truly contains some of the Greatest Stories ever told.

With the COVID-19 coronavirus keeping most of us indoors (and it doesn’t look like physical meetings will happen till Jul/Aug), it got me thinking how the Young Adult Community could use more of our online capabilities and resources to share the good news.

What originated as a online page to describe the Enquirers process, became the birth of St. Teresa Church Young Adult Community Website @ The website was created to help in our evangelising efforts to share what we do in our group to others who might be interested to join a Christian Community.

Apart from introducing the community, there is also a Growth page filled with meaningful resources and a Gallery page to provide a glimpse of our community life together. Perhaps through time, the community can contribute our own faith stories through writings, illustrations and photographs to the website.

Visit the website at and should you be interested to join us for our sessions, do hit us up on the contact form in the website.

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